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how to clone yourself in premiere

How to Clone Yourself in Premiere

The internet is full with videos of people cloning themselves. They appear in the same frame twice, doing completely different actions and gestures. When I was younger I wondered how do they do it, wanting to do it myself of course! After figuring out how that’s done I got my feet wet for the first time in the world of editing and the result was embarrassing, I will stop talking about it here. If you don’t have a computer at hand you can try doing this on your smartphone, the quality will not be as good, but it’ll do.

Before we begin, you may know that our site is fairly young and still blooming, but we did get our first sponsorship today, which is a huge plus! A quick word from our sponsor and we’ll be right back, the new Game Of Thrones Season 7 is now over and it’s time they released a new game, Game of Thrones Conquest is out on both Android and iOS platforms, sadly most people are too afraid to use Game Of Thrones Conquest cheats and they end up losing in favor of other players. Let’s get back on track. There are a number of ways you can achieve this using different video editing software, but today’s tutorial is going to be all about Premiere, because reasons. Let me teach you how to clone yourself in Premiere.

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My 3 tips for starter photographers

The only real reason you are here is because you are interested in photography, no other person in the right mind would find any of this interesting in any imaginable way. Like you, I used to take photos with my android phone, the pictures were lame, bad lighting and a resolution lower than any retro game ever to touch the market. My first piece of advice to you is to not use a phone as a camera, but what can you do, we all start low, you’ll have to make due with that cool phone of yours for now. Don’t worry. I’m sure if you put a little heart and soul into them, they will look good too!

First time’s a charm

My first pictures were horrible, I was frustrated, nothing was coming along the way I wanted it to, I would often find myself playing on my phone or texting instead of focusing on what I had to do just because it all seemed to work against me somehow, that distracted me way too much but I loved it way too much to give it up, good old times huh? With this uncontrollable habit of mine I have to say I’m surprised I ever got any work done. I used to play soccer, or football, or whatever you call it where you live back in high school, had an amateur team but it was all fun and games so no harm done.

Now that high school is over I still continue this little hobby of mine but the truth is I’m way too busy to do it all the time. That’s why I play sports games most of the time. Games like FIFA or NFL keep me there, entertained and content with myself. I don’t like admitting this but I wasn’t very good at the game version of any of those sports. In fact I used some tools in order to progress faster, shame on me. Can’t say I didn’t brake a couple of phones here and there from raging but once again, no harm done, unless you’re a phone. Let’s get started.

1. Don’t take vertical photos

When taking pictures make sure you keep that thing horizontal not vertical, nobody likes vertical photos, you should know this! How many times have you watched a video turned vertically and thought, man how can this guy film like this, it’s almost unwatchable! Same thing applies for most pictures, believe me, don’t be that guy. At the end of the day it’s all up to you, but I highly suggest you stay away from taking your photos in vertical mode. Most of us consider vertical photos a crime against nature, some scenes are too beautiful to be limited by the vertical inclination of cameras.

vertical example


2. Always focus, but don’t use too much depth of field

Use a focus option if your camera has one and keep your hand steady, you can use a bit of depth, but don’t overdo it, it can make most photos look fake. I can’t understand why some people take photos while walking and expect them to be any good! They look shakey, blurred and like you’ve taken them using your personal graphic toaster, think twice before you decided to take a photo while on the run. Also, one of the most important things to know is that you can’t have a great picture without a little post editing to it, there’s a Lightroom tutorial somewhere around here if you are interested, check this out!  I’m not saying depth of field doesn’t have its place in the photo industry, all I’m saying is that it should be used wisely when you do decide to add it.

3. Try using a camera stand or a tripod

If you still have problems keeping the camera still while in your hands maybe you should invest into a camera stand, there are quite a few affordable stands at a convenient price. Take a look on the inter webs and you may find something you like, not gonna point out towards any specific products as it’s best you choose something you like not something I like. Basically all it does is keep your phone/camera still and you can take amazing pictures without a not so welcome blurry effect on them from a shaking hand.

Try to follow all those tips above and you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your pictures quality, it’s not that hard. I’d be nice to receive some photos from you, before and after doing what I recommended, check out the contact page in order to do so. Good luck and follow your passion, see you next time fellas!

Simple double exposure effect in Photoshop

There are three things I love doing in Photoshop, photoshopping my dogs face on strange animals like seals and koala bears, over-saturating photos and the creating double exposure pictures. From which only one will get a tutorial. Can you guess which is the chosen one? I’m sure lots of you want to see my dogs face on a red panda. I’ll keep that one as a camp fire story if you don’t mind. Enough banter for now, double exposure effect is the greatest thing to land on earth since sliced bread. I consider it purest way to express the power Photoshop is capable of, it doesn’t even take four hours to complete, at most you will spend 10 to 15 minutes on one of these state-of-the-art photos!

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how to remove tourists from photos

Remove Tourists From Photos in Crowded Locations

If you’re anything like me then you hate having obstructions in your photos. That includes smudges on my lens, too much light or people in the shot. Sometimes people look good in photos but when your purpose is to take an artistic photo of a place or a monument, people can ruin it. Sadly we can’t just go around asking everyone to stay out of the shot because it is considered ‘rude’, whatever that means. You can now remove tourists from photos with the help of the 21st technology. We now have tools that can take care of this problem in a split second, you just need a spark and a little creativity to get things rolling.

I sometimes take photos using my phone camera, it usually happens when I’m too lazy to pull out my DSLR camera. I keep certain apps handy on my phone, to help pass the time. The one I play the most is Clash Royale, I love it, but getting a hold of Gems can be tricky at times. We know that Clash Royale cheats are not easy to come by. We took the liberty of hooking you up with a bunch of Gems, on the house. That doesn’t have anything to do with our subject at matter but I thought I’d mention it.

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Talent meets photo cameras

What ceases to amaze me is how talented people make photo cameras look like magic wands. If you’ve frequented me for a while now you probably noticed I don’t use Instagram, yet. It’s quite odd how this platform is so popular in the photographing community. I thought about getting one too but I’m currently too busy with a handful of projects and drinking 3 gallons of coffee every day. If I don’t use one I might as well look around and see what other photographers are doing in the world of pictures. I don’t like picking favorites but the one below looks too good to be true, you’ll see more of it as you progress further into the list!

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A color grading lesson

I would be lying if I said I made my website photo-exclusive, it’s true, photos are great but they are not the only thing you can do with a camera. They also have a recording function, which takes 30 or 60 pictures every second, oh wait, that’s the other thing you can do with the camera, record videos. I love shooting videos, especially when I got it all planned out in the back of my head and it all goes smoother than spreading butter on hot toast. I personally like to use Premiere to do my editing, but you may have other tastes and I respect that. Welcome to a color grading lesson.

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