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Good day.

Now that we got the formalities out of the way you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here, a simple enough question that will get a simple enough response. I post pictures, pretty cool ones if I might say so myself. Mostly things regarding photography itself, I’m planning to buy a better camera soon and post pictures that I take myself instead of showing off other peoples work, my current camera is not the greatest and I’d rather not taint this site with the terrible photos I take with it. By the way, my name is Charles Sydnor, you know, just in case it matters or whatever. Just now we introduced Pinterest into our website, you can now pin photos right from our blog!

There isn’t that much left to say, photography is one of my passions along with fishing (I photograph fish sometimes!). If you stopped by make sure to check some of the photos I posted, they make great wallpapers, maybe you’ll like them!

That being said, welcome!